Ultimate code management.
Seamless deployment.

Offering fast and reliable software package storage, management, and distribution, Packagr gives you complete control over your Python, NodeJS and Docker assets.
Simple to set up and supporting all industry-standard formats, Packagr integrates seamlessly into your existing workflow.


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Packagr Benefits


99.9% uptime guarantee on all Advanced accounts.


All packages are encrypted both at rest and in transit.


Ultra-fast, reliable artifact management at competitive prices.


No restrictions on upload/download bandwidth.

Designed by software engineers — for software engineers.


Full control of access to your packages.

Packagr uses simple but powerful package
permission that allow you to write and delete
permissions at an individual package level.


Account or package level permissions

You can choose whether to make packages private or
public, and whether to manage them at an account
level or implement fine-grained reads.


CI integration

Packagr integrates seamlessly with your existing
CI/CD pipeline and can be used to centralise your
development workflows from end to end.



Ideal for teams working in multiple technologies and
formats, Packagr allows you to store and distribute
software assets with complete confidence.


Supports standard tooling

The system is fully compatible with standard
packaging tools such as pip, twine, npm and the
Docker CLI, making it easy to migrate your existing
CI/CD pipelines into Packagr.

Packagr REST API
Build Packagr into your workflows

A powerful REST API

Packagr provides a simple but powerful REST API that allows you to build custom integrations easily while boosting the power of your deployment processes. With the provision for a private package manager in the cloud for all your confidential Python packages, NPM packages, and docker images, Packagr grants you full security as well as power and flexibility.

Why Packagr?

The Smart Choice

  • 99.9% uptime guarantee on all advanced accounts (with a 50% discount if this is not met).
  • Unlike other providers in the market, Packagr has no restrictions on upload/download bandwidth.
  • All packages are encrypted, both at rest and in transit.
  • Security scanning on all Python packages.
  • Advanced plan subscribers get priority support (12 hour SLA within UK business hours)

When it comes to software asset management tools, Packagr not only overcomes the issues encountered when dealing with different application management systems, but it does so at a competitive price. With Packagr’s Basic plan priced at just £12 per month, it’s substantially cheaper than most other providers.

Packagr is great and a vital part of our inner source ecosystem now.

Per Erland Voie

Sevan SSP

I’m very impressed by your response times and always able to solve our Packagr problems even if they are actually on our side!

Marius Karlsson


Very satisfied when we found Packagr. Solved our day to day challenges with ease dealing with private Python packages.

Peter Lapalus


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Packagr plans

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  • 14 day free trial
  • 1GB storage per user
  • Access control management
  • Unlimited packages
  • Python, NPM and Docker
  • Encrypted package storage
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  • 14 day free trial
  • All basic features
  • 5GB storage per user
  • Upstream mirroring
  • Edge caching
  • API access
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  • All standard features
  • 14 day free trial
  • 30GB storage per user
  • S3 log export functionality *
  • Custom domains *
  • SAML authentication *
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* Custom domain, SAML auth and S3 log export are coming soon

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